Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

The inside of this lighthouse was photographed with a fisheye lens. The lens added some additional curvature to the already winding interior.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Whelk Shell

While in Florida for part of this winter, I purchase this Whelk shell (I was inspired by a fellow photographer was has an incredible imagination) and placed a flash behind the shell. The flash was triggered by a wireless transmitter. (pocket wizard) The reflected colors were amazing.

Water Drops

Got an idea from a photographer friend so I thought I would give it a try. I suspended a bag of water over a tray of water. Behind the tray was a sheet of paper with color painted on it. As the water dripped from the bag a flash was remotely triggered. The colors from the paper reflected in the water resulting in various patterns. 

Intimate with a Rose

This orange Rose was captured with a macro lens using two lights illuminating the Rose from the side.

Abstracts with Smoke

I wanted to have some fun with smoke so I used incense to create abstract smoke patterns. I illuminated the smoke by hand holding a flash off to the side. As you can see there are some very unique patterns. To complete the composite images I added pastel colors to complete the abstract.This unique image was created by using one of the images below and creating some crazy patterns with software. Every now and then it is fun just to do some playing with things that are very different than the normal work it do.
The softness of this image is very appealing to me.
These two images below are the same image just colored differently.