Poison Dart Frogs

I recently attended a “macro” workshop in St. Louis where various reptiles including Poison Dart Frogs (only poisonous in nature, not in captivity) were the featured subjects.
I am all Eye’s and legs!This pretty boy is a Veiled Chameleon. He remained in this positions for hours, making his portrait very easy.

This is one of the many Dart Frogs we photographed. Macro lenses were used with flash to bring out the brilliant colors on the frogs.

This Tree frog was one of everyone’s favorites. He seemed to enjoy the attention. The tree frog is slightly larger than the Dart Frogs which are only about 11/2-13/4 inches long.How about those eyes!

Linda - April 23, 2012 - 5:26 pm

Beautiful shots and beautiful frogs……love all of the bright colors.

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